Supporting Initiative    

To realize the GAST/EPIC project financially, the supporting initiative GAST/EPIC has been founded.

Among the members are several airlines, many German and Austrian airports, the "Deutsche Bahn" (German Railways), as well as some tour operators.

GAST/EPIC is a centre which permits fast and effective combination, exchange and processing of information from the involved institutions. The result of this complex cooperation benefits the next of kin as well as the companies concerned.

The concentration of public interest on one contact point considerably relieves the company concerned but also the responsible authority. Thus, the day-to-day business is much less affected.

The staff of GAST/EPIC consists of police officers and members of the supporting initiative, all of them being volunteers exclusively.

In case of operation, the concerned company only provides one employee as link to its own emergency management. The rest of the staff consists of volunteers out of the other members of the supporting initiative and out of the airport police.

Our trained staff and modern technology guarantee effective and professional information processing. 27 incoming calls can be answered at the same time. The flood of calls is channelled through GAST/EPIC; other institutions are considerably relieved.

GAST/EPIC is not used on day-to-day business and thus is always ready to operate.

All trainings are for free.

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