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The GAST call centre is currently equipped with 43 standard computers with the well-known operating system “windows” – current version “8.1 professional”. 27 of those are intended for the answering of incoming calls, the other work places are shared by the GAST manager, his executives and, if necessary, officials of the criminal investigation department.

Two more computers with DSL-connection are available for connection to and research on the Internet. All work places are equipped with modern headsets and connected to printers.

The contact man of the Munich Airport GmbH can use a work station of his own with access to the company’s network.
The representative of the concerned airline is provided with a work place with a CUTE-terminal (Common User Terminal) and a computer with DSL-internet connection. By means of the CUTE-terminal, the representative of the airline can communicate and exchange necessary information with his company’s emergency management, as well as with all other stations of his company worldwide.

GSLweb is carried out on a web farm in the computer centre of the Bavarian police in Munich. It can be opened as application via Internet Explorer from any work place of the Bavarian Police and edited according to the respective authority level.

It does not matter if the information and service centre is set up and run by the Munich Airport police or by the police station which is in charge for the respective incident.

In addition to that, we provide the members of the supporting initiative GAST/EPIC with a separate web farm (located in the cellar of the Munich Airport Police Headquarters) for cases of operation.

The application GSLweb has been designed to deal with the recording of incoming calls quickly and smoothly and to ease the tasks of the criminal investigation department at the Munich Airport Headquarters.

Trained users are a prerequisite for the professional recording and treatment of data in GSLweb. To reach that goal, substantial training courses have been held in the past and the number of volunteers has increased continuously.

The program is equally suitable for smaller and larger information centres. GSLweb is a powerful application which can be operated intuitively and which offers high functionality for the dealing with major incidents.

In case of operation it is thus possible to manage different incidents separately at the same operation site.

The program offers the possibility to treat and link hints/calls, personal and/or victims’ data, personal descriptions etc. in a professional way.

As it usually takes some time to receive all victims’ data in cases of major incidents, a tool for status synchronization ensures concordance between the data which has already been recorded in the GSLweb database and new findings. During status synchronization, all newly discovered links are announced and connected (if concordance is ascertained by the initiator of the synchronization).

Thanks to an integrated statistic preview, the recorded data (number of victims, callers, missing persons etc.) can be viewed in a list, saved and printed at any time.

Each time that a new victim is registered, the system assigns an individual number. GSLweb offers a wide range of aids for criminal investigation and evaluation.

The lists of personal/victims’ data, grit, identification etc. are linked in a way that a gap-free investigation certainly accelerates the processing result. Data only has to be registered one time with GSLweb. If there is a conflict situation (incident because of a terrorist or extremist attack), it is possible to register not only search requests from next of kin, but also hints from witnesses. These hints are then sent via email to a previously designated recipient (police station in charge, in general the LKA).

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